Spoiler Saturday #2

3 years, By: Orangee


Hello again everyone, it's time for another spoiler.


Last week we introduced the Spoiler Saturday segment. Today we only got a small spoiler for you guys. It looks like there will be a special avatar head for people who have submitted a guide to the Scrolls Academy. There is a male and a female head called "head_academy."  So I predict this will be a player content creator avatar head.


The male avatar head kinda looks like Albert Einstein. 


There are also some rumors about a new Undead unit, that gains 1+ attack per poisonous creature in play.


We think we might find some more spoilers within the next week, if we are lucky. According to this post on there should be a balance update for Scrolls. If this includes a client update, there might be new spoilers! Who knows?

Carnalizer did a stream yesterday.

3 years, By: Orangee

Carnalizer did a stream yesterday for a new set 7 art, its a Decay Spell. The art itself is not done yet. So we are kinda hopeing for a new stream today with the finished result. 

Spoiler Saturday! - #1

3 years, By: Orangee


Hello guys


We are now starting with a new weekly post here on, its called Spoiler Saturday. This is were we will post some spoilers each week. We do have to devide them up a bit so, 1 or 2 each week, maybe more if we are lucky. Most of the spoilers will come from the asset files and the Scrolls devs. 


There will also be some stuff we can't spoil, of course. Like very big stuff. New avatars for example, some of you may already know there are already 10+ new avatar sets, we think some of them will be unlockable by winning the Weekly Badges.


Yesterday we found a very intresting asset piece. It's a shield, it looks very much like a Armor Symbol. So we think there maybe some more clarification in the game towards which units have armor. Like the Gallant Defender and Wings Shield. Another Idea we have is that these will work as Health that cannot be healed.



Note that not everything we find is something that is in the game, but most likely will be. Mojang is changing assets all the time & stuff can be redone and/or scraped.



Splash Art Preview!

3 years, By: Hopefighter

(Click Image for full size)

So after checking the assets after last patch I found something pretty cool: New Backgrounds for the Main Menu

The reason this goes up this late is simply wanting to figure out how to enable it (Read how to at the end of this Post).


This has been made by Poi, and seems to resemble Khaile, the Area the Growth   faction is based in. I also found one looking like Illmire (Decay  ), but unfortunatly didn't get it to work, so no preview for it ;) 



If you want this in your Scrolls you can easily enable it.

Just head over to your Install Directory (I will just trust you to find it yourself) 

  • Follow this path: '.../game/assets/objects/'.
  • Now you will need to swap the files '6db94d984118aac38e6e15b3ff3cceac39305059' and '9a903d412e4c20803f2849635f1bc754d221e144' in the folders '6d' and '9a'.
  • Lastly you will now need to swap the NAMES of those 2 as well.


Please note that this will not 100% work with the next patches. This depends on if the Art changes or not.



    - Hopefighter

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