New Carnalizer Art again

3 years, By: Orangee

This unit looks very much like a Energy unit, sins it got all the Sparks and redness too it. But it can be something else.

What do you think?


Now all the art for waypoints is almost done, so this is probably one of the last spoiler art posts we can see for waypoints. 


PS: i was not watching the stream for this drawing, so if someone know details about the art, leave a comment


New effect animation

3 years, By: Zylus


Bomuboi confirmed this is indeed  an animation for Scrolls via his twitter @Bomuboi !


Animation Update:

Fantastic Art

3 years, By: Orangee

 Lingering spell

This is a cropped image of a larger one, so we cant se everything thats going on, but from what i can see, it looks like the entrence to a Decay castle of some sort. maybe a market place in front of the entence


Note: Lingering spell is some sort on overall board spell that will last for a few turn and will have special inpact on the feald


Source: Bomuboi on IRC


3 years, By: Orangee


The first scrolls of the next set (waypoints) is out. A total of 17(21 with the 4 we already have) new scrolls hit the test server today!

With these 17 new scrolls there was also a lot of changes to other scrolls that we already know of. Some of the biggest changes are:

  • Blightbearer  : now costs 5, was 3
  • Echomaton  : Now gives   at 2 attack again
  • Machine Priest  : gives a 1 attack buff to Structures and Automatons (almost like Scout Automaton)
  • Power Trip  : is now a cantrip scrolls again, u can now draw a scroll if your current enrgy is 11 or more
  • Also the 4 scrolls that were listed in the last Scrolls Status Update

The Scrolldier deckbuilder already has all the new Waypoint scrolls that was released today. So be creative folks!



As most of us know, Waypoints is the Order update. Many of us have been guessing what kind of Order scrolls will change the meta. So far new knights are really powerful. With the new Arbaleister Knight we might see Tempo Theft in more Mono Order decks.

Machine Priest now open up for even more powerfull Automaton decks



The Black Market:

The Black Market is almost like a Auction House,  except you can set fixed prices for a scrolls. Then the first person who buys it gets it.

This means you can sell scrolls while you are offline. I did try the Purchace button and it works good. Your gold amount taks a while to update but thats just a small bug i guess.

Just for fun i bought a Loyal Darkling for  5000 


Test server is open for everyone on Mondays! download the new launcher install the test server. Hopfully i will see you on monday!

All changes over at scrollsguide

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