Spoiler Saturday #2

7 years, By: Orangee


Hello again everyone, it's time for another spoiler.


Last week we introduced the Spoiler Saturday segment. Today we only got a small spoiler for you guys. It looks like there will be a special avatar head for people who have submitted a guide to the Scrolls Academy. There is a male and a female head called "head_academy."  So I predict this will be a player content creator avatar head.


The male avatar head kinda looks like Albert Einstein. 


There are also some rumors about a new Undead unit, that gains 1+ attack per poisonous creature in play.


We think we might find some more spoilers within the next week, if we are lucky. According to this post on scrolls.com there should be a balance update for Scrolls. If this includes a client update, there might be new spoilers! Who knows?


    How does one submit a guide? :)


      More, that's a good idea to gather people, to learn for new players ! ( I would like to something who highlights graphic designers or even musicians, put their creativity into play now :D )


        Giving an avatar head as a reward for posting on Scrolls Academy is a really great idea; it should get more people writing guides, which is really nice. :) The balance patch changes look really good as well; I'm looking forward to that patch. Also, that Undead unit sounds very interesting.