New Test Server patch 0.122.0 & Spoiler by BomuBoi

8 years, By: Orangee

Importing / Exporting of decks!

Now you can import and export decks from in-game to, also the other way around.



1. Click load deck:

2. Click this icon: 

3. Paste the JSON string you got from a friend or found by clicking the Export button on a deck from

1. Get your In-Game JSON string, and copy it

2. Login on

3. Go to decks

4. New deck

5. Import from In-game

6. Paste the JSON string to the JSON text feald

7. Enter all the info you want

8. Click Post deck!




 1. Click save deck

 2. Click this icon:

1. Go to decks/ 

2. Choose a deck 

3. Click the export button on the left side on the deck page.

4. Copy the JSON string

5. Paste the string in the In-Game import section

New Wild Icon:

40 new sound:

You can hear all in-game sounds here


New Starter decks:






New Animations:

Return to nature & Frost Wind



A unit spoiler by BomuBoi: