The Badger Guild (15)

Who are we?

We are a small group of players who are dedicated to advancing both our skills and the meta-game by playing against each other and being constantly active in discussion with one another (whether on Scrollsguide or elsewhere)

Current Members:

Magpieman - Guild Leader  
Colorplant - Deputy Guild Leader  

What would you test?

TBG works on decks and strategies in order to make ourselves better players and to create innovative decks. We will not tell players what they need to be testing or who they should be testing for.

Why would I want to join this group?

This will be an elite group of gamers who are already skilled on their own, but are open to collaboration. Membership would get you:

1) Access to all players current best decks.
2) The results of test matches in the form of videos or written reports
3) Access to 3 copies of all the scrolls or assistance in getting them
4) You would be able to call yourself a member of the team.

What is expected of me as a member?

As a member you are required to contribute to the team in 3 ways.

1) Make an effort to conduct or assist with at least 2 test games a week.
2) Share with the other members all results from your test games. This can be done through video or through write ups. (See details below)
3) Keep an updated list of your best deck in a location for all members to see. This list must be updated at least once a month.

What is a test game?

The purpose of a test game is to gather information. They are like experiments. You should go into a test game with a question you want answered. These questions can be things such as:

How does Potion of Resistance change the match up against the Growth Order deck? What is the match up against Energy like with my Order deck? Will my new deck beat one of the top decks? What happens if I ignore the center lane?

You will either have to record the game, fill out a form, or do a write up. The form would be really simple and would just ask basic stuff such as:

What question were you trying to answer? What deck were you using? (You can link to Deckbuilder) What did you find out? What questions would you want to try and answer now?

If you aren't up for all that and you just want to get better at playing good decks, then you can assist with someone else's testing by playing a deck that they request you play.

While it is preferable that you keep reports and videos within the group, the results will be difficult to keep within the group so it is ok to share your findings with those outside the group. Please ask others before taking their decks or play tips and post them in a public place.

These test games will help us expand our knowledge and allow us to grow together.

What do I have to do to get in?

As we wish to keep this Guild small and keep up the high standards that we showed when the game was in Alpha we will only be accepting applications from people who fit the following criteria:

1) You must poses an in game rating of 1700+, this is in place to ensure that you understand the game well enough and will be able to contribute to testing at the highest level
2) A Scrollsguide rank of Scribe or higher. This is in place so that we know that you contribute regularly on forum discussions and will in doing so be active in discussion with us. We will also consider equivalent participation in other forums. We are fairly lenient on this.
3) You must have a Skype account so we can stay in regular contact with all our members.

If you fit these requirements we will then assess your application and if we deem necessary ask you to do a couple of things (such as send us an innovative deck list or play a few games with one of us), this is so that we can get a clear idea of whether you will be a good addition to the Guild.

How do I apply?

Submit your request in this forum with your in-game name and a paragraph or two about why you would like to become a member and what you think that you would contribute to the guild. Then send either Magpieman or Colorplant a PM so that he can respond to you with more information. It may take a few days because it's important that we discuss your application as a group but you will hear back from one of us regardless.

Thanks for checking us out, we look forward to hearing from you!

Rank Guild Members
Member iScrE4m
Member Blinky
Member Nrp123
Leader Magpieman
Member Clever_us
Deputy Leader Colorplant
Member Smogan
Member orangee
Member guidofubini
Member _antirad_
Member DaOvalord
Member Cantor
Member Dialex
Member KingKiwi10
Member Gravekper