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Trophies / Badges

    • Magpieman is a guild leader
    • Scrolldier Alpha user
    • Whit-listed on the Beetlestone Society Minecraft Server

Decks by Magpieman

Score Name Type
3 Decay: Undead (Tempo)
1 Ranged Energy
1 Watchergeddon Decay
6 Order: Soldier (Tempo)
3 Growth: Aggro (Tempo)
3 Growth: 1CD (Tempo)
3 Order: Knight (Mid)
3 Growth: Beast (Mid Range)
0 Noble Knights
0 Locked and Loaded
0 Fast and Ferocious
0 Beauty and the Beasts
0 Undead Uprising
0 Gears and Gravelocks
0 Energy: Ranged (Tempo)