The Hostages of Oum Lasa

9 years ago by XOplasma, for scrolls version: 1.3.1, with a Score of 6
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Deck as image (WIP)
5 4 12 14 9 6 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
2 Bog Hound x2
2 Slayer Vestige x2
3 Arhart's Disciple x2
3 Forbidden Ruins x2
3 Invocation Sentry x2
3 Monstrosity x2
4 Anima Conduit x2
5 Cluster Hex x2
5 Irva, Voice of the Dead x1
5 Monstrous Brood x2
6 Halls of Oum Lasa x2
6 Oum Lasa High Guard x2
1 Illthorn Seed x2
1 Ragged Wolf x3
3 Mangy Wolf x2
3 Rumble x2
4 Ancestral Totem x3
4 Brother of the Wolf x3
4 Essence Feast x2
4 Oak Blood x2
4 Striped Fangbear x2
5 Great Wolf x2
5 Quake x2
6 Gusty Izulr x2

This is a guide on how to play this deck:


1.Phase(1-10turn):  Start by summoning alot of wolves (ragged. mangy. great) this makes you weak looking yet powerful so that your opponent may underrate you, say things like you are incontent with the deck like: "why am i not getting the right cards!!! :(" . start summoning other units like  artharts disciple and striped fangbear making it a bit harder for your opponent. consider using illthorn seeds in the front lines to make a easy barrier. keep the different typs of wolves seperated and try only to put ragged wolf next to raggedwolf etc.


2.Phase(10-20)   Now your strategy is being unveiled! Use forbidden sentry as a barrier whare there is no illthorn and cast either rumble,forbidden ruins or anima conduit. Refrain from using quake unless it is already Last resort(*more below*).This will all disorient the opponent after thinking you were so weak and give him a headache! ;) Try using something like: "Well well well, what have we here?" If you think you are in a good position now use phase 3.


3.Phase(15-30)  Now comes the true power of this deck: If you can summon Irva do it and then summon the Oum Lasa high guards infront of her for protection. Now you may notice that Irva doesnt really fit!, there are not any undead creatures in this deck D:! But there comes the tricky part:move irva to a location where your idols are at low health, then cast monstrous brood on one typ of wolf you have many of on the field, they will all convert to monstrocities which are all bunched up together giving each other +1 attack. Then cast essence feast when the have the countdown of 0: Healing almost all your idols by at least 1(max:3) and giving your monstrocities double attack for the turn dealing a minimum of 7 damage on each row the monstrocities are on. Consider putting down some ancestral totems now and using Halls of Oum Lasa for an extra card every turn making you have a big card advantage(see scrolls academy for details).This will hopefully end the match quickly andensure Victory!!!!!!!!


Additional info.:

-This deck is very effective vs order

-Use cluster hex with monstrocities for an unwithstandible attack on any super enchanted foe

-Use gusty izulr to disable far away attacking units in a matter of a turn or 2

                        *more coming soon*


Last resort:

If you find yourself in a sticky situation or the above strategy is countered use the hall of Oum Lasa spell and sarcifice for scrolls only, use quake a few turns afterwards and summon as many creatures as you can on the board. DO NOT USE THIS IN THE FIRST PHASE only the second or third!



-This is a late game deck and not for scroll beginners as there is quite a lot of strategy involved in it.

-This is a very good vs AIs and players, not so much vs trails


Hope you have fun and i battle you in the future! :)






    The ideas are there, but it seems quite (very) slow. Keep it up, and try winning against Medium or Hard AI.


      plz comment about how you like the deck ;)


        Hope you like it!!!

        50% Creatures (25) 14% Structures (7) 28% Spells (14) 8% Enchantments (4)
        54% Growth (27) 46% Decay (23)