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Decks by XOplasma

Score Name Type
6 The Hostages of Oum Lasa
1 Paradox Pudding
3 GD XO-Control
3 GD Necro Beasts
3 EO Bombard Control
3 Order Comp edition
3 D Oum Lasa's Catacombes
3 DG Unforeseen Onslaught
3 Undead Decay edited
3 Undead Totems
3 Automaton
3 EO Efficient Automatons
3 GD Vilda's Alliance
3 Battel for the Spires
3 Vilda's Forest
3 Uhu Longnose's Beasts
3 Battel for the Spires comp edition
3 Knights of Excalibur
0 Aggro-Growth XO
0 EO Caller's bane (idOl hAtE)

Fan Art Made: