Undead Automata

6 years ago by Kirlim, for scrolls version: 1.0.0, with a Score of 0
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Deck as image (WIP)
15 21 11 3 0 0 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Husk x3
1 Mire Shambler x3
1 Shroud of Unlife x3
2 Blade Husk x3
2 Bog Hound x3
2 Energy Siphon x2
2 Sanctuary of the Lost x2
3 Harvester x3
3 Restless Bones x3
4 Flesh Animator x3
1 Copper Automaton x3
1 Dust Runner x3
2 Gun Automaton x3
2 Magma Pack x2
2 Plating x3
2 Spark x3
3 Replicaton x2
3 Scout Automaton x3

My first attempt of making a multi-resources deck. I choose Energy + Decay, and, curiously, had a very hard time in finding synergy between both resources without needing Thunder Surge or any other high costs cards. Didn't test this deck properly on ranked since I don't have all the cards yet - and thus am testing with placeholders.

The deck is built around Harvesters, Copper Automatons and Shroud of Unlife. Ideally, you put Shroud of Unlife on your Copper Automaton while a Harvester is present, have it explode and become a Husk. Since there are too many cards involved in this combo, I'll be testing other benefits of having Energy creatures counting as undead.


The play style is very simple. Sacrifice for resources until you have 1 Decay, 1 Energy and 1 Wild, allowing you to play most of the cards of the deck. If you manage to get to 2 Decay, 2 Energy and 2 Wild, most of turns you'll be able to use two or more scrolls. I doubt this deck can beat any top deck, but it's really fun to play with (at least the improvised version I'm using).

I'm open to comments and ways to make this deck better. I'm thinking in using more Decay's undead buffs, swaping some creatures to slayer and using Iron Whips instead of Plating.

64% Creatures (32) 16% Spells (8) 20% Enchantments (10)
44% Energy (22) 56% Decay (28)