Scrolls Test Server Update 1.2.3

9 years, By: Hopefighter

The Scrolls Server got Updated (a few days ago at the time of this post) with lots of cool new stuff.


General Information


In case you missed it, Set 7 is called: 'Echoes'


New Scrolls


12 New scrolls have been added.


Deathly Grasp: 2 Decay; Spell; Target creature gets Slayer until end of turn.

Essence Garb: 2 Decay; Enchantment; Enchanted creature gets +1 Attack and +1 Health. Dominion: +2 Attack and +2 Health

Pack Husk: 3 Decay; Creature: Undead; (3/3/4); When Pack Husk is destroyed, draw 1 scroll.

Pickaxe Volunteer: 2 Energy; Creature: Human; (4/3/3)

Extractor Device: 3 Energy; Enchantment; Pillage: Increase Energy by 1.

Melt-Iron Shell: 3 Energy; Enchantment; Surge: Enchanted unit’s Attack and Health are increased by X.

Earthboon: 2 Growth; Enchantment; Enchanted unit gets +1 Attack for each Lingering spell in play. Whenever a Lingering spell is played, enchanted unit’s Countdown is decreased by 1.

Steelwood Champion: 4 Growth; Creature: Human, Warden; (4/2/3); Inspiring: +1 Attack

Verdant Remnant: 4 Growth; Structure: Totem; (0/3/4); Haste. When Verdant Remnant’s Countdown becomes 0, draw 1 creature scroll.

Oppressor’s Rule: 2 Order; Spell; Units on one side of a row have their Move decreased by 1 until the end of their turn. Any attached enchantments are destroyed.

Scout: 2 Order; Creature: Human; (2/2/2); When Scout comes into play, sift 3 scrolls from your library. Choose one of them to put on top of your library.

Favored: 3 Order; Enchantment; Enchanted unit gets +2 Health. Dominion: Enchanted unit’s Attack is increased by your Order.



Additional Changes


There have also been some changes to existing Scrolls:


Caravans of the Expanse( ) workers felt useless when Dominion had been established, so they decided to change their supplies accordingly: Now has Dominion: +1 Attack to your units; Other Dominion traits are active.


Wings Charger ( ) with not being used, has spent her free time grinding a few mobs and leveled up her HP: Now has 5 Health (was 4).


Eternal Sword ( ) is now only passed on to one heir. (Fixed a duplication issue in trials [bug fix])


Berserker ( ) has been on the weights and is now even tougher (Now has 5 Health instead of 4).


Nog Nest ( ) inhabitants realized using appurtenance as a support pillar doesn't work out too well. Can no longer be saved from self-destruction with Appurtenance.



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