The 3.14 Idol

6 years, By: Orangee

The Pie has bean released! For 16000  or 800  you can now own your very own PIE! With the latest Patch some other Idols where added as well, so keep a lookout!




    I like this idol.


      I agree with others here. All of the other idols fit the theme well, but this one seems out of place...


        It doesn't matter if it fits or not. It's super expensive, does nothing in game, and makes people smile. Also it would intice people to pay actual money for the idol which helps out the devs if they do so. I'd love to see more of this.


          It's a good idea, and it's nice to see some of the things the developers are producing :) but I agree with verzuvius that it doesn't 100% suit the game :(


            BEST IDOL EVA!!!

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            This is getting too ridiculous in my opinion. They look nice, but they don't belong.