Wanna Play Dressup?

6 years, By: Orangee

Since there are so many new avatars out there now, and many of them are expensive. Maybe you would like to test out how the avatars will look before you buy them? Now you can!

Test every avatar piece available in the game. Many can be bought from the store, some are free and some can only be collected by winning tournaments or doing some speical task. 


Test your avatar here to see if its worth buying the set, or completing the task to get the piece. 


    Just curious, is it possible to unlock avatars or heads by completing in-game challenges instead of getting it in the store?


      Actually disregard that. I checked in game and its a set of arms. DERP.


        I think the 6th last female arm selection (a robe with small tassels at the hips and golden pauldrons) may actually be a miscategorised body.


          This is fun. Any way of forcing the arms to be used as a pair so it can be restricted to how Scrolls displays avatars?

            • Admin of scrolldier

          Nashtanir: hi, yea the arms are a hassle for me and the user, and yea you can export it! just right click the avatar and click "save image as" :D


            Really neat little app, good job! It's pretty weird that you can assign hands from different parts. It would be fun if it actually worked that way but it is a bit fustrating trying to find the matching right hand! :)

            Also, it would be really cool if there was an option to export the final character as PNG for example!

              • Admin of scrolldier

            Okisaan. yes i want to do that! shard, gold how to get the parts. just need to gather some information first


              Awesome new addition! Also, a suggestion: It would be cool to have a pop-up how to get the pieces. Or whatever way to tell what you should do for them.

              P.S.: Typo Alert! ;)