Scroll from set 7 and new tournament head spoiled!

6 years, By: Colorplant

In todays post of "this week in scrolls" a scroll from set 7 with full art was spoiled and, until the set comes out, a new scrolls will be shown on 

There is also a contest going on where you can decide the missing flavor text on the scrolls that are being shown beforehand! Go to to enter the contest!


The new tournament head was also shown! 

The one to the right is the male avatar head, and the one to the left is the female avatar head. The first opportunity to get yourself this exclusive avatar-piece is to win the Oum Lasa tournament that is happening one day from this post which is the 21st of February. Go to to register, there isn`t much time left!


    My game won't let me join any battles. Anybody having the same problem?