New Test Server Patch & Avatars!

6 years, By: Orangee

Today there was a new Test Server Patch, with some new, fancy, Avatars! I am also working on a much better Scroll Designer! Take a look at it here



Patch notes:

Introduction and tutorials

February 18, 2015 - Changelog 1.2.0 (client 1.2.0)


  • Added a new 'introduction' tutorial to show new players what a full-scale battle might look like.
  • Added scroll rewards to the tutorials and the first three easy trials.
  • Reworked the end screen to make it more attractive.
  • Added new avatars and avatar heads to the store, and made them cycle randomly each week.


  • Fulmination Conduit (Energy): Once again has Countdown 2 (down from 3).
  • Wings Spear (Order): Dominion: Spiky increased by 2 (down from 3).
  • Miasma Well (Decay): Now triggers when Countdown becomes 0 instead of on attack.
  • Pestis (Decay): No longer usable on structures [bug fix].

Bug Fixes

  • AI is no longer confused by Pillar of Fatigue.


    How much are the avatars? Same as usual?


      Looks pretty swag.


        OMG those Avatars are hype!!!!


          Cool! especially like the new avatars.