Humble Bundle of Scrolls!

7 years, By: Hopefighter



Scrolls is a part of the Humble Card Game Bundle! P6C6-F2M4-B8H8


If you haven't allready, get yourself a copy at the Humble Bundle website!


Should you allready own the game, you can still get something special out of it if you pay 12$ or more you get the Scrolls Humble Bundle Deluxe Pack:

2 of the new Pre-Construckted Decks:

  • The Longnose Brigade (Energy)
  • Way of the Knight (Order)

Humble Bundle exlusive Skins, for both male and female:


Here is a Link to Mojangs offical Post:




Some of you might have allready noticed: I am not Orangee. Thats right! I am a new Admin of Scrolldiers. (Don't worry Orangee is still here)

As some sort of celebration here is a gift-code: M9R7-V3G9-R3H7.

There might still be the odd one hiding in the Post somewhere. Good Luck.


I am looking forward to you guys!

     - Hopefighter


    I managed to grab the hidden code. Thanks much, Hopefighter!

      • Admin of scrolldier

    The codes in this post are for the Scrolls full game. The Humble Bundle gives you some games, and if you use more then the average you get more games. So there are different tiers of stuff you can get for the amount of money spent.


      Do I just buy one of the games and get the skin?


        What is the gift code for and how do we use it?

          • Admin of scrolldier

        New Admin Hype B6M4-T9P8-B2C6