New idols!

7 years, By: Orangee

So with this new update we got a few "new" idols(or crystals as they were called back in alpha) to the game. these idols have been in the assets forever and many of you have seen them already. But for those who have not seen all yet here is a preview:



Too see all the idol damage'n stuff look at this imgur album


    They look pretty cool. Wonder what they are planning for future updates.

      • Admin of scrolldier

    You start with the 2 bottom idols on the list here, to select them go to your profile then click edit avatar then it should be at the bottom of the thingy


      May I ask, will we start with some of these new items? I looked and I know it is in the shop. If we already start with these how do we choose them? And I LOVE the new idols. They are really nice.