Need a game code?

7 years, By: Orangee

Write a little bit in the comments, why YOU are the most amazing scrolldier and why you need a key! (requers a scrolldier account, to register you need to have a scrolls demo account)

2 Players will get a code this way!


Winners: fillefilip8 & MindTheGap97 Congratulations, you will find a game code in your message folder here on Scrolldier!


    I just bought the 1.0 beta for scrolls. So I'm kinda a beginner right now. I do have to say I LOVE THIS GAME!!!


      Too bad I am too late... I guess I'll play the demo then, it's awesome!


        I NEVER GETS NOTHING! Thats why!

        i always lose i always dont get stuff on my way!

        if you will give me code i will be happier then jumping cat on a balllon!

        PLEASE! i dont have anyway get a code and buying will take me A YEAR


          Hey! I'm looking to play with my friend, that's why I want a code, to give it to him! :)


            Extended 20min? :O

            Then i will write more:P

            More text:

            When i started playing this game i didnt know how to place cards or anything. But i started to learn pretty fast.

            I hope i can get a code so i can use all features scrolls has to offer


              Looks cool, too bad I'm a student (living from hand to mouth). I can probably afford it after christmas, but it would be awesome to get it for free.


                I noticed this game at minecon 2012 but were not that impressed... but now, I can't even take my eyes of it. It's so perfect and awesome. I only found out today how to get an account -__- which is stupid of me


                  I really like the game but i dont have money or a credit card to pay for it.

                  If i get the game/code i will help the scrolls community to grow.

                  Thanks for reading this.

                  //fillefilip8 - A gamer


                    Well, I'm nowhere a good player but I really love the game, I love the mechanics and I really love the community behind it an I want it to become a bigger, happier one. I don't need the code for myself, I would just gift it to a friend o' mine that does not have a credit card so he can't get the game