The Scrolls Demo Version

8 years, By: Orangee

When Scrolls hits version 1.0 the game price will drop to $5 and the tablet version will be out for Android tablets/phones and iPads. The tablet version come out for beta testing today and for a lucky 32 players can try it now. We are not allowed to share video or images of the tablet version yet so I cannot post anything about this.


But! With the new tablet version we got the first look at the demo version of the game.


In the Demo Version you cannot access:

  • Medium & Hard Trials
  • Hard & Medium Dailies
  • Hard AI (Skirmish)
  • Judgment, Ranked
  • Avatar Saving
  • The Black Market
  • Trading 
  • Shards
  • Buy Avatars
  • Buy Decks



You can buy the game YEY!

And of course the Demo users got a special Demo Badge!