Scrolldiers new design: Update #2

8 years, By: Orangee


Hello once again my fellow scrolldiers,


I have started with some basic design. At first I thought I was going to have a lighter design on the page, but after further thinking I decided dark is best. Purple this time - the color of Decay. Maybe we can make four different color themes for the new Scrolldier: one for each faction. But, for now, purple will be the main color. Maybe I will change it later.


Deck images were a nice suggestion. Now everyone will be able to add some art to their decks to give it a nice touch. If you don't choose any art you will have one automatically assigned for you if your deck goes to the front page. That's all for now, I'll keep updating here as more news comes in.


    Updates are great since I last checked, tried out Atmaz's game I cant see the image I am supposed to guess and Thunder Surge is misspelled. The featured deck, scroll images are also good, how x3 veteran has two other images behind it.


      Wow the decks look really nice now! A lot more visual :D Awesome results so far!

        • Admin of scrolldier

      for now its just the design, no features are working. but changing header on login could be good :D


        I like it a lot! Has a windows 8 feel in my opinion. Does the background (Druid) change every log-in maybe...?