Changes to Scrolldier: Update #1

8 years, By: Orangee

Hello again!


I got a lot of positive feedback on this change, and i think most people liked the direction it's going.  It is decided. Scrolldier will change, to be the best deck page for the best TCG game out there! 


So now, in the early stage of development, we need ideas, I want to develop the page with the players so everything will be at its best. I have made some sketches of basic UI, and written down some initial ideas. Please shout at me if you have a idea that you think is better or have a concept for a new feature. Remember, no ideas are bad, all input is good! Whatever thoughts you have, come with it!





Overall Design

  • I kinda want a light design, modern smoky white maybe.
  • Responsive for easy use on tablets and phones


Back End

  • Needs to be easy to add stuff.
  • Use 1-2 hours and make good folder structure


  • Assign Art to a deck, as header/ A visualisation of the deck
  • Graphical Statistics
  • Other statistics, like Traits and Scroll Types. 
  • Rating decks by 1 to 5 stars instead of up/down voting. or should we still have a up/down vote system? what would be best...
  • Clickable scrolls to see more specific details about the scroll.
  • Able to send to deck to the beckbuiler to remake it. or just import a newer version from in-game
  • Comments
  • Favorite/Star a deck to save it for later
  • Export: Plain Text or In-Game JSON format.
  • Export as a image. where the user can specify what they want on the exported image, like Deck Name, By whom, small version, big version. 
  • Deck Curve


Deck Lists:

  • Search
    • Search by Scroll
    • By faction
    • No need to have text
    • Top decks are only from the latest patch and generated with a cool algorithm. Depending on the rating system.
  • Sort however you want, by all columns.
  • Possible have a column with how much the deck costs if you buy scrolls individually in the current market


Deck/Game Guides

  • Everyone should be able to submit guides.
  • We need someone (or several someones) who can approve and verify the quality of guides
    • This can be quite a bit of work though... So I need to 'hire' someone(s) to help me here... for free... any takers?
  • Visualization of the deck on the guide page.


Scroll library

  • I Think the Scrolls Library we have now on Scrolldier is pretty good, so that will be reused and optimized. 



These are just some basic ideas, I would love if you (the players) would help me develop this, and turn it into something the community will find invaluable.