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9 years, By: Orangee

Hello everyone,


I (Orangee) have bean thinking a bit, as Scrolldier is now, its the decks that has a main focus. But I want the decks to be even more in focus. The current backend on scrolldier is not good at all, the fronend is, eh yea... not very appeling, something look good, other stuff look out of place, and some page has a total different design... So I propose to you (the user) this; What if I remake Scrolldier to be a site only about dekcs?


Better deck functionality. Much better search. Be able to search on a specific scroll then get all the decks that have that scroll in it. Make deck collections (For example all the precons in a collection), etc. 


A front page were you can see all top decks for each faction, Deck guids. Maybe even a weekly meta post.


So, before i go ahead and start to think more about this. Would you the users like to be something like this?

This also means that the guilds will dissapear, maybe badges will be gone, and profile pages will be gone. 


I want to develop this with you, setting up a beta page where you all can go and see progress, comment and come with suggestions, to how the site can be the best for everyone to use, both UI (How the page is designed) and UX (User Experience)



EDIT: The guild function will be rebuilt by me and kbasten on ScrollsGuide



    I like the style of as it now very much!

    The guilds and profile pages I barely use, so I'd like to trade them for better deckbuilding design yes :)

    However, I like the spoiler homepage, so I hope that doesn't disappear.

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    I like the idea of focusing completely on decks. We do need a very intuitive to use site for that cause. Be sure to keep the general look though, very sleek.


      As long as we keep the scroll design page, i'm good. :) Your designer is imo much better than the one at scrollsguide.