Waypoints Part 3 - Update 0.127.0

9 years, By: Orangee

Update 0.127.0 has hit Test Server today, bringing with it the last 16 scrolls in Set 6: Waypoints! 


One new feature that's been introduced is called Sift.

Sift allows a player to view X random scrolls from either your library or your graveyard (determined by its respective card); you may then choose one scroll to place back in your hand. The remaining two scrolls are then reshuffled into your library / graveyard.

There will possible be some broken scrolls in this patch, but they will not changed them yet. Until they know what to do with them.

So point out what scrolls is OP so Mojang can get to work and try to make them less OP. 

All new Scrolls: http://imgur.com/a/IL5d2#7 Thanks to iScre4m


Irva, Voice of the Dead

5  CREATURE - Human

Atk: 4, CD: 2, HP: 5


When an Undead you control deals damage, Irva makes a ranged attack for 2 damage.

"Haunted by a thousand forgotten voices, she speaks."




Reloras, Lord Knight

4  CREATURE - Human, Knight

Atk: 2, CD: 2, HP: 4


*Resonance: Reloras and adjacent units get +1 Attack until end of turn.




Terrene Brute


Atk: 5, CD: 5, HP: 5

When a creature enters play on your side, Terrene Brute counts down by 1.



Gravelock Freak

5  CREATURE - Gravelock

Atk: 3, CD: 2, HP: 6

When another Gravelock takes damage, Gravelock Freak's Countdown is decreased by 1.

"Stone teeth, metal maw.

Rend limb, bone gnaw."



As alway with new patches there will be bugs, such as this fun one. The full set preview for Waypoints will be written up later.