The Turtle Club (4)

Are you turtle-y enough for The Turtle Club?


Welcome to The Turtle Club!


Founded on March 10th, 2015, and largely composed of members from Yu-Gi-Oh Forums, The Turtle Club is a closed guild of friends looking to have fun playing Scrolls and improve the game for other players.


The three principles to the guild are:

  1. Be courteous to others, including your opponents.
  2. Be friendly, and help out new players.
  3. Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes.


If you'd like to inquire about our Guild, feel free to find me in-game @ Cradstache, and shoot me a message.


\o/   Turtles in Order!   \o/

Rank Guild Members
Turtlestache Cradstache
Turtlefury blufury1
Turtlemancer Drfaustian
Turtlelord Lorundo01