CopperZeth (10)


We are a small guild with the primary goal to have fun and be among good friends and scrolldiers. We also wish to help each other in any way we can to gain a higher rating and accumulate as many scrolls as possible (for more deck possibilities, of course). Join us, and you can expect to enjoy our company with good conversations and lots of playing Scrolls!


CopperZeth Goals

Our main goal as a group is to increase each of the guild members’ skills. This means helping our guild members by spectating each other’s games and commenting, helping to increase each other’s scroll collection, learning from each other about deck building, and in any fashion that we can think of. As a distant goal, it would be fun to represent CopperZeth within a tournament in the future (to hopefully claim a victory for ourselves). 


CopperZeth History

One day in one of the general rooms, there was a discussion about getting a group together to spectate one scrolldier’s game at a time, thereby allowing the two playing scrolldiers to achieve the achievements Notable, Renowned, and Celebrity. We would each take turns to help each other out, and thus, this was the first motion of a group-like decision. It was then suggested “We should make a guild” and thus, a guild was made. 


We called it CopperZeth. Of course, after much discussion between the founding fathers:


Kingsparis (pronounced “King Sparis”, not “Kings Paris”)


uwlryoung (aka Smooth Operator)



The name itself was a mixture of two nominations to the guild’s name, Copperwhip and Noxzeth hence the name CopperZeth.


Want to Join Us?

Our basic requirement is that you’re nice. Basic judgment of that is through talking with you. Shouldn’t be too hard to pass, of course, we don’t come across too many meanies. It would also be helpful to have a skype account (we have a group chat going on there), scrollsguide account, and a scolldier account. Those are the networking sites we currently use, although they may be liable to change (except for scrolldier as this is where the guilds are based!)


If you are interested in joining us, you can either private message either of the founding fathers through or, or you can look for us in the game itself by “whispering” our username. All we’ll ask of you is to just play a game or two with us, with some chatting, we’ll notify the rest of the group to make sure they are ok to add another member, and BOOM “Welcome to CopperZeth.”

Rank Guild Members
Member Archmage199
Dictator kingsparis
Chicken Man uwlryoung
Founder danatron1
Member scrollinonariver
Founder joethemerciless
Member SilverNightmare
Member OdinOwesMe
Member stalpno
Kill Cam Lifemage101