French Spirit (6)

:order Hi, fellow Scrolldiers! :order and I will introduce you to the French Guild: 


"French Spirit" is the only French guild so far and we are proud to represent our community.
"French Spirit" is a guild where fun, strategy, HR, baguettes and berets reign.

Members :

Teteduo (founder)
Nevjoia (big boss)
Istrion (our beloved uncle)
Pomme (THE French)
Lefael (HR)
Tajic (HR)
Monthy (HR)
Nevinrhal (Corrector & Teacher)
Bronol (Le petit suisse)

Mogi (en direct du Canada)

kehmesis (Quebec Power)

Goal :
Fun, fun, fun and fun. Oh, and fun.
Seriously, we want to meet friendly French players and other Scrolldiers.
We love Scrolls, its community and of course, we love the Mojang team. Oh, and we do love berets too, but it's not as important... I guess.

Finally :

If other guilds want to play some small tournaments against us or do other fun stuff, that would be cool, really.
If you like Scrolls and you're French (or speak French a bit), do not hesitate to go for a li'l ride on the website ( 
You will find there plenty of strategies, nice people and amazing creations. 
Also, go to the channel "" in-game. Here, everyone is nice, everyone is beautiful. But we don't like the wicked pirates of the sea. They're not beautiful at all.

:decay See you soon in-game ! :decay

Rank Guild Members
Founder/Leader Teteduo
Inactive Nevinrhal Admin Nevjoia
HR Bronol
HR Tajic
Not set Monthy