The Think Tank (19)

A competitive, semi-casual, community-oriented guild. We break down the meta to break the meta, and have fun doing it.

Rank Guild Members
Big Red DavidSlain
Birdman Paralykeet
Balls of... ironballs
Sir Talks-A-Lot DrAkula
Head Honcho Donkey74
"World Champion" Badyuyu
Bad Mannered Gentleman Phobophile
Sir Hates-Decay-A-Lot siRisacc
Starched and Pressed SpiffyDrew
Ze Discussion Meister 4Robato
Zee Mad Zientizt Crabbitfamiliar
Forward-Facing Rearguard DragonzHeartz
"Saint" Iwantanickplease
Ace-In-The-Hole PewQ
Victor Von Valhalla
Right, hon'ble and turrifyin' Dark_Lord_Gaol
It's the Cute and Fluffy peefuu
Zee Mad Zientizt Seph_ITA
Not set Alpha_Century