Debuff Decay

7 years ago by Sysp, for scrolls version: 0.119.1, with a Score of 6
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Deck as image (WIP)
6 19 16 6 0 3 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Mire Shambler x3
1 Ripper x3
2 Bog Hound x3
2 Ilmire Tribesman x3
2 Languid x3
2 Loyal Darkling x3
2 Malevolent Gaze x3
2 Sickening Fumes x2
2 Viscera Sage x2
3 Brain Lice x3
3 Harvester x3
3 Ilmire Rot Eater x3
3 Nuru's Needle x3
3 Return To Nature x1
3 Soul Steal x3
4 Blightbearer x3
4 Cursemonger x3
6 Ilmire Witch Doctor x3


    Have you considered swapping out Nuru's Needle for Binding Root? It has almost the same effect and since you don't have any other Growth scrolls it is essentially free to cast once you have dropped a Return to Nature.

      • Moderator in-game

    Took out 2 Viscera Sage, 1 Return to Nature, added 3 Lifestealers.

    It did increase the curve of the deck a bit but they are just so efficient vs ME Structures which seems to be played a lot in Ranked atm.

      • Moderator in-game

    Glad you like it. The deck is basically a mix of the findings from testing two different Decay decks: Weird Decay (Gaze, Needle) and Aggro Decay (Shambler, Fumes).

    The Mire Shamblers looks like trash but play much, much better than one would think. The deck values board presence, threat efficiency and pressure much higher than scroll advantage and thus needs multiple creatures costing one Decay both for turn 1 plays and efficient resource use on later turns .

    A turn 1 Shambler is a very strong tempo play vs anything but Growth (Ragged Wolf). Going t1 Shambler in the back of the middle row and a t2 play in front of it gives you the option of hitting any row on the board with 100% accuracy for 3 damage on turn 3 by dropping a 1, 2 or 3-cost creature (which the deck plays a ton of). Few things on turn 3 can sustain this. At worst you get 3 damage on an idol in a deck that wants Dominion for Gaze and Bog Hound.

    If they answer with Kabonk or Spark you still are ahead on resource usage. Later in the game it's death turns on your Harvesters and Rot Eaters and you play it in the back it reliably can hit for damage and reach rows you are unable to otherwise.

    Husk is just out of the deck, it is possible that the Viscera Sages should be Husks. They are terribly slow though and that makes all the difference in a deck that is all about pressure.


      An upgraded version of what was basically the first Decay meta, I really like it and the combo removals are a good replacement for damning curse if cost and a card are equal to -1 HP across your board (which it probably is). However is there a reason to run Shambler over a Husk? Sure it's CD is 3 but shambler is paper thin and it moves when attacking which generally makes it more of a problem than a solution.

        • Moderator in-game

      This Decay deck runs some funky but efficient scrolls (Sickening Fumes, Needle, Gaze, Shambler, Bog Hound) but it is mostly about what it doesn't run: Damning Curse and Oblivion Seeker. Damning Curse weakens your own board too much and Oblivion Seeker is too slow, I rather drop two plays that impact the board more for the same amount of resources.

      64% Creatures (32) 18% Spells (9) 18% Enchantments (9)
      100% Decay (50)