Mono Energy Ranged Waypoints

9 years ago by Donkey74, for scrolls version: 0.133.0, with a Score of 8
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9 15 14 9 3 0 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Copper Automaton x3
1 Dust Runner x3
1 Useless Contraption x3
2 Desperation x2
2 Gun Automaton x3
2 Hired Smuggler x3
2 Machinated x3
2 Piercing Projectile x2
2 Spark x2
3 Bombard x3
3 Boom Reaver x3
3 Cannonetta x3
3 Fury x2
3 Storm Runner x3
4 Burn x3
4 Echomaton x3
4 Tempest Reaver x3
5 Gravelock Elder x3

Pretty much play your curve and be very aware of everything that your opponent can do any given turn. You usually will not be speedy enough to take out aggrowth or tempo order early so anti agressive threats like stormrunner and forcing them away from you with stuff like oculus is also a good idea. Against decay a well timed machinated or desperation might be enough to send the decay player to there knees overall though the matchup is in favor of them a bit. MES desperation and machinated are your friends, when to transition into going for idols is a pretty hard decision, but in pretty much every MES vs. MER there is a tipping point where It is unlikely that you will able to keep destroying your enemies structures if you play it right this is in your favor.


    nice deck

    60% Creatures (30) 6% Structures (3) 24% Spells (12) 10% Enchantments (5)
    100% Energy (50)