Do you want to make a contract?

7 years ago by Neoharrymen, for scrolls version: 1.3.1, with a Score of 0
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14 18 12 6 0 0 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Mangy Rat x2
1 Scavenger Construct x3
2 Animovore x3
2 Gloomstone Treaty x3
3 Harvester x3
1 Bunny x3
1 Erode x2
1 Ragged Wolf x2
1 Vaettr of the Wild x2
2 Bountiful Times x3
2 Earthboon x1
2 Hunter's Treaty x3
2 Nog Nest x2
2 Sister of the Fox x3
3 Noaidi x3
3 Skythorn x3
3 Terrene Brute x3
4 Fertile Soil x3
4 Rat King x3

This deck is hilarious


The concept is to combo growth's ability to fill the board up with worthless junk with gloomstone treaty. This deck starts by using scrolls with good synergy with playing a lot of creatures (Terrene Brute, Skythorn etc.) to fill your board with tons of junk. By turn 8, or earlier, cast gloomstone treaty to make your full yet pathetic board suddenly terrifiingly sticky. combo with Scavamores and Furtile Soil for draw and Harvestors and Hunter's Treaty for damage and you have a very powerful lategame. This deck relies on stalling your opponents to a point where you can easiely replace any units they destroy through gloomstone to double stickyness and draw to replace cards.


Card explinations:


*3  Bunny and Bountiful Times: great way to quickly fill up the board with tiny creatures that trigger the gloomstone effect. Very good for playing mindgames on your opponent since they purposefully leave them alive to clog up your board. Punish their ignorance with pain!


*2   Erode: deals with energy's plethora of structures. If you wish, play on your own structures to ramp decay.


*2  Ragged Wolf and Vaettr of the Wild: tiny creatures that are great on their own and amazing with the two treaties. Vaettr is used for early game growth ramp, Wolf is a 2 health veteran with Hunter's treaty


*1  Earthboon: For eleminating big scary things like Jarls and Harvestors.


*3  Hunter's Treaty: Turn your tiny creatures into killing machines!


*2   Nog Nest: Fills up the board and is a hung tempo  swing if one played on turn 2-3 is triggered. Better early on, bad when your board is already full.


*3  Sister of the Fox and Noiadi: both these units are free in their own way. The sister is amazing later on when resources do not matter since she draws. If she dies next to a scavamore with gloomstone activated, she draws 3 cards in her lifetime. Noiadi is better early game to rush out Scavamores and Gloomstone Treaties. Overall, these units exist to cheaply fill the board for Gloomstone treaty.


*3   Skythorn and Terrene Brute: synergy with creature spam. Brute is very good at taking out early game threats and Skythorn gets you draw at low tempo loss


*3  Fertile Soil: good synergy with Harvestor/Scavamore. Since, in the mid to late game, your  board is nearly always full of low value creatures, the fact this destroys one of your creatures is more a help than a hinderance.


*3   Rat King: Fills the board super fast!. With gloomstones, the value of the rats nearly double. Honestly, who doesn't run rat king?


*2   Mangy Rat: Cheap creature to spend decay on early on and cheap trigger for Hunter's Treaty.


*3   Scavenger Construct and Animovore: With tiny growth things and Gloomstone revnants dying left and right, Scavamore can draw upwards of 5 cards per turn and turn into a nearly indestructable wall. Mass removal? Fill the board quickly with all the cards you drew from this! 


*3   Gloomstone Treaty: The keystone of the entire deck, this transforms a fairly frail board into something all but resistant to board clears. Reminder that gloomstone Revnants trigger Skythorn, Brute and Hunter's Treaty.


*3   Harvestor: when this deck has set up it's super sticky board, the opponent probally also has a board full of scary creatures. With revnants and small units dying left and right, Harvestor attacks every other turn to clear their board and destroy their idols. 


weaknesses: Double Thunder Surge, Quake + Frost Gale, Orz Disruptor, State Machine, Enemy Harvesters, Unbind on Scavamore, Doomteller

42% Creatures (21) 16% Structures (8) 34% Spells (17) 8% Enchantments (4)
72% Growth (36) 28% Decay (14)