Automatons Energy

4 years ago by Tak4n, for scrolls version: 1.3.1, with a Score of 0
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9 9 12 8 6 6 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Copper Automaton x3
1 Potency Burst x3
1 Potion of Resistance x3
2 Gun Automaton x3
2 Machinated x3
2 Wind-up Automaton x3
3 Automata Forge x3
3 Bombard x3
3 Power Trip x3
3 Scout Automaton x3
4 Burn x3
4 Echomaton x3
4 Solemn Giant x2
5 Blast Automaton x3
5 Excogitator x3
6 Cannon Automaton x3
6 Thunder Surge x3

The next of my decks that I'd like to talk about is Automatons Energy. Now it's not a surprise that I play this deck as it's very competitive and there are a million versions of it already made on Scrolldier so I am not going to spend too much time talking about it.



The one thing I want to talk about which is also very eye popping in this deck is that I don't run Canister Automaton. Most of the competitive players I've seen so far that play Automaton decks almost always run Canister Automatons. So what's the deal? Why am I not giving it the benefit of the doubt? First of all, it's not ranged so I can't combo it with Bombard. Second of all I value all of my current scrolls in this deck a lot more than I value Canister so I am not willing to replace any other scrolls with it. Sorry Canister, I just don't find you as valuable as other players do.



I also want to note that I don't run Replicatons because I don't like their 2 health. With all the forges and pumping that I do they tend to never come back to my hand when they die. although they have good synergy with Bombard I do value other scrolls in this deck list more than I value Replicatons. I used to run them instead of Automata Forge but I swapped them out as I find Automata Forge a lot more useful.



That's it with this deck. Everything else in this deck seems fairly standard, I am sure other top players have done a better job than I did explaining the uses of other scrolls so I am not going to go in depth with anything. I just wanted to share my version of this deck and give a few reason to why I don't run Canister Automatons and Replicatons. That's it, may wolf spirit guide you to victory :)

46% Creatures (23) 12% Structures (6) 30% Spells (15) 12% Enchantments (6)
100% Energy (50)