ED Midrange Spellhate

3 years ago by antijive, for scrolls version: 1.2.1, with a Score of 4
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Deck as image (WIP)
5 15 7 17 0 4 2 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Atrophy x3
2 Energy Siphon x3
2 Languid x3
2 Sickening Fumes x3
3 Harvester x3
1 Copper Automaton x2
2 Hired Smuggler x3
2 Redesign x3
3 Feedback Jolt x2
3 Lightning Chest x2
4 Burn x3
4 Darkstrike x3
4 Echomaton x3
4 Metal Wonder x3
4 Solemn Giant x3
4 Sudden Eruption x2
6 Thunder Surge x2
6 Violent Dispersal x2
7 Iron Ogre x2

This is a deck inspired by Bumpoz's ED Control deck, it focuses on countering the popular GD Somata Control, Mono Energy Control, and Prisoners of War decks found in the current 1.2.0 meta.


Should cards come out in set 7 which might improve this build, I'll change it.


Resource Ramp:

To play this deck, focus on Energy but get your Wild to 2 around round 6.  After that, you'll be able to play anything, between Lightning Chest and Energy Siphon.


Early Game:

Copper automata, and Smuggler should hopefully be out in the first few turns to try to distract aggro decks.  Hopefully an early harvester will draw their attention.  Don't hesitate to use Metal Wonders, Echomatons, or Harvesters as walls in the early game.



This is where the deck comes into its own.  Full control style at this point, between the attack reduction cards, Redesign combos, direct damage.  Try to use a Lightning Chest to drop an Ogre or Hasted Golem.  This is the time when you should be most aggressive, the deck is strongest between rounds 6 and 12.



In the late game, the win condition is centered on your fatties.  Wipe rows with Harvesters, Ogres, and Golems while trying to keep Echomatons alive to accrue massive attack values and peck away at your opponents with Metal Wonders, which your Smugglers should draw if you get a shot on the idol.


In true midrange style, this deck is comfortable to play at all stages of the game, but might find a tough battle versus a strong start in an aggro deck.



32% Creatures (16) 6% Structures (3) 44% Spells (22) 18% Enchantments (9)
70% Energy (35) 30% Decay (15)