Mono Energy Control V 1.2

9 years ago by Blinky, for scrolls version: 1.2.11, with a Score of 11
This deck is for the current Test server version
Deck as image (WIP)
4 6 13 14 6 5 0 2 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Potion of Resistance x2
1 Useless Contraption x2
2 Gravelock Guard x3
2 Spark x3
3 Automata Forge x2
3 Charge Coil x3
3 Power Trip x3
3 Skull Shrine x2
3 State Machine x3
4 Burn x3
4 Echomaton x3
4 Metal Wonder x2
4 Solemn Giant x3
4 Sudden Eruption x3
5 Ironclad Reaver x3
5 Machine Chant x3
6 Thunder Surge x2
6 Violent Dispersal x3
8 Top Reaver Thea x2


    I've modified this a tad for my own personal tastes, but huge kudos for this deck. There's no feeling quite like seeing your Charge Coils take down decay creatures, only to subsequently watch Conduit Revenants burn to the State Machine. Really solid deck, much enjoying it.


      Oh, this deck is pretty awesome. I've been focusing my efforts on Energy lately and thinking along the lines of mana production. I don't think I've ever seen Conduit before and didn't think about Gravelock Guard. Those cards seem so sweet. I love that you basically are giving permission to not use the smuggler. I love not just bending over for every shock or soul steal, love the fact that Relentless bears will be crippled. The only card I'm not liking at the moment is Useless Contraption. Don't really feel like it needs it. I dropped them for a third Conduit and a Cannon Automaton. The mana works to get out the Cannon Automaton on turn 3 or 4 with a quick mana resource so thats there if you want to. Thinking about swapping out a Reaver for another one not sure yet though.

      28% Creatures (14) 24% Structures (12) 44% Spells (22) 4% Enchantments (2)
      100% Energy (50)