[Gaggro] Aggrowth (Tier 1)

8 years ago by Squiddy, for scrolls version: 1.2.0, with a Score of 17
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6 12 15 8 9 0 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Ragged Wolf x3
1 Vaettr of the Wild x3
2 Gravehawk x3
2 Kinfolk Brave x3
2 Kinfolk Ranger x3
2 Stag Heart x3
3 Crimson Bull x3
3 Earthborn Mystic x3
3 Mangy Wolf x3
3 Rumble x3
3 Terrene Brute x3
4 Earthen Mirth x2
4 Striped Fangbear x3
4 Wetland Ranger x3
5 Great Wolf x3
5 Kinfolk Veteran x3
5 Rallying x3

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  • Aggro
  • Control
  • Midrange
  • Combo


(parenthesis) denotes the Tier of the deck - ranging from 1-3 - which is an indicator of how competetively viable the deck is:


1 - Competetive at the highest of levels

2 - Competetive in Ranked, in certain match-ups

3 - Not competetive at all


Variant of NRP's [Gaggro] Aggrowth deck.


    Changes 23/03/2015: Removed 3x Nogs, Added 3x Kinfolk Ranger.


      Rumble is in my opinion mandatory in an aggro deck as a result of there being certain scrolls in the game that's actually frequently run that could completely shut down your units from destroying the final Idol. Those scrolls in question are:

      Potion of Resistance

      Waking Stone

      Armor units

      When the game has already passed the midgame stage and is starting to progress towards the late-game, you simply won't have the firepower to beat through the triple unit per row defensive formation your opponent will be able to afford to place down. Rumble is a miracle scroll as it enables you to simply move those units out of the way.

      As for replacing Terrene Brute for vilda, that could work pretty well (swap in a 3rd Earthen Mirth, and limit yourself to 2x Vilda - since she's a unique and you can only ever have 1 of them out on the field at any given time.)


        What do you think about replacing rumble and terrene brute for nogs nest and wildling/vilda?

        and if you think that rumble and brute are better can you explain why please?

        72% Creatures (36) 18% Spells (9) 10% Enchantments (5)
        100% Growth (50)