Scum Punch

3 years ago by Jubape, for scrolls version: 1.0.0, with a Score of 0
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12 12 9 12 5 0 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Potion of Resistance x3
2 Machination Mindset x3
1 Eye of Eagle x3
1 Leeching Ring x3
1 Ragged Wolf x3
2 Bloodboil x3
2 Kinfolk Brave x3
2 Sister of the Fox x3
3 Earthborn Mystic x3
3 Noaidi x3
3 Wildling x3
4 Earthen Mirth x3
4 Oak Blood x3
4 Verdant Veil x3
4 Wetland Ranger x3
5 Kinfolk Veteran x3
5 Quake x2

Varation of "MYSTIC PUNCH!" which tries to create a huge wildling instead of earthborn mystic. Dont worry though you can create a huge wetland ranger or brave as well. Wildiling is just prefered.


How to play:


Basically you start out like normal aggro growth. You mulligan for a 2 and 3 drops (creatures) and play those. You play stuff and you slow start trying to bulid a super creature. Dont be afraid to use your enchaments to trade for the board and gain board control before you bulid your super unit. You have plenty of enchaments your creatures are what need protection!. There are muliple ways to go about this. So, lets go more in depth and look at the indiviual scrolls!


Eye of eagle: It finds your creatures for you. YAY! Since your playing a limited supply of really important creatures this cards is pretty valuable when you dont have any creatures in hand to play, especially in the early game.


Leeching ring: wilding buffs itself when it take dmg from creatures you play. Leeching ring counter acts the dmg taken. Also, can be used as a general surivablity tool or a cheap +1 attack when mystic is on the field.


Ragged wolf: sometimes you juse need to kill something. ragged wolf is far from a key scroll but is too useful of a tool to not be in the deck.


Bloodboil: used to splash into energy without sacing for energy. And really makes your wilding insane. You wildings dont even need earth mirth with this little lovely card on them.


Brave: brave op. early board presence. optional but not prefered super creature.


Sister of the fox: deck cycle. chomp blocker.


earthborn mystic: deck cycle. +1 attack buff. chomp blocker.


Noadi: Good for getting some energy. Helps you catch up on tempo when you fall behind as well. otherwise just a chomp blocker.


verdant veil: super unit spell/enchament protection!


wilding: prefered superunit of the deck. every scroll in the deck combos well it.


earthen mirth: when your super unit isnt your wilding this becomes a must. otherwise you will never get enough attack on your brave or ranger. when it is wilding well +4 for 4 is still pretty good. 


Oak blood: superunit health buff. generally you only need to play one of these on a super unit or none but oak blood gives you some options.


wetland ranger: optional superunit, just like brave just another great unit overall.



Kinfolk vet: same as ragged wolf. except slightly better.


Quake: a tool that can be used if you fall to far behind. 


POR: super unit protection. Also doubles as idol protection when you when end up in idol race situtations. Which happens when your oppenent can no longer deal with your super unit they are going to just try to rush you down. 


Machination mindset: Puts the super in the super unit! yeah it gives your creature rentless. so its pretty important otherwise you'll just be killing a rat every turn.


Final notes: dont be afraid to sac for energy when needed! Often best way to protect your units (which is the key to buliding your super unit) is to kill your opponents creatures!



    Eye of eagle simply stands in for creatures in a deck and so the only way to justify playing it over creatures is if you're playing a deck like GO Arbalestier that uses Resonance. I'd recommend replacing it with something like Vaettr of the Wild or Kinfolk Ranger to help improve your early game.

    48% Creatures (24) 10% Spells (5) 42% Enchantments (21)
    12% Energy (6) 88% Growth (44)