Deadly Meadow

9 years ago by Jovialsin, for scrolls version: 1.0.0, with a Score of 0
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Deck as image (WIP)
9 11 21 6 0 3 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Binding Root x3
1 Bunny x2
1 Clandestine Orchard x2
1 Vaettr of the Wild x2
2 Bountiful Times x2
2 Culling the Flock x2
2 Eternal Statue x3
2 Nog Nest x2
2 Ranger's Bane x2
3 Budding Vaettr x2
3 Crimson Bull x3
3 Earthborn Keeper x3
3 Frostbeard x3
3 Skythorn x2
3 Terrene Brute x2
3 Underdog's Spite x3
3 Unleash Inner Power x2
3 Vilda the Verdant x1
4 Earthen Mirth x3
4 Oak Blood x1
4 Striped Fangbear x2
6 Gusty Izulr x3

I made this deck for the Preconstructed deck competition.  


My deck Deadly Meadow is meant to come out fast with small creatures such as bunnies that you make into ferouscious beasts later on thanks to Culling the Flock and Unleash Inner Power.  If you do not draw that combo then an Earthen Mirth enchantment or the death of the mighty frostbeard can inspire the little guys too.  What would a meadow of bunnies be without their protectors the Gusty Izulr and Striped Fangbear.  With Clandestin Orchard active these bigger guys can benefit from cooldown reduction, also giving the Gusty Izulr more strategic moves with its flying trait.  I have tested the deck and it performs well and is up to par or stronger than the other starter decks in my opinion.  I think it will give new players who decide to grab it a fun reliable deck that is easy to build off of.  Enjoy and Cheers!



40% Creatures (20) 14% Structures (7) 24% Spells (12) 22% Enchantments (11)
100% Growth (50)