4 years ago by Rymdkejsaren, for scrolls version: 0.133.0, with a Score of 2
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8 12 18 9 3 0 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
2 Languid x3
2 Sickening Fumes x3
2 Watcher x3
3 Draining Mist x3
3 Harvester x3
3 Monstrosity x3
3 Return To Nature x3
4 Monstrous Brood x3
1 Bunny x3
1 Erode x2
1 Eye of Eagle x3
2 Culling the Flock x3
3 Bountiful Times x3
3 Somata Shift x3
4 Ancestral Pact x3
4 Fertile Soil x3
5 Rallying x3

This is a gimmick deck I keep returning to ever since monstrous brood  was introduced. It is not competitive but I hope for it to get close some day. The idea is to spawn bunnies around watchers, sacrifice them to monstrous brood and charge in, preferably with a nice culling the flock on top (which makes for some pretty insane monstrosities). Of course it is insanely vulnerable to lightning surge and even inferno blast, pre-sacrifice.


Suggestions welcome. I used to have crimson bull but only keep culling the flock at this time. Any suggestions on how to save the poor bunnies against decks high on removal are welcome. Save the bunnies!


    Clearly this need Clandestine Orchard to do a mega bunny spawn. I didn't own the scroll at the time of building it so it did not occur to me. Bunstrosity 2.0 coming up.

    18% Creatures (9) 6% Structures (3) 70% Spells (35) 6% Enchantments (3)
    52% Growth (26) 48% Decay (24)