Fast and Reliable 6O

4 years ago by jeffry44, for scrolls version: 0.121.0, with a Score of 0
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Deck as image (WIP)
9 12 15 8 3 3 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Aging Knight x3
1 Blessing of Haste x3
1 Focus x3
2 Flip x3
2 Roasted Bean Potion x3
2 Wings Soldier x3
2 Wings Warder x3
3 Eternal Sword x3
3 Royal Skirmisher x3
3 Speed x3
3 Waking Stones x3
3 Wings Shield x3
4 Ducal Skirmisher x3
4 Knight Scholar x3
4 Pushback x2
5 Royal Vanguard x3
6 Honorable General x3

The idea behind this deck was to make every synergy work together reliably. The focus of the deck is to have a reliable start whereby the player can hopefully get two units out before finding a waking stone or wings shield. Otherwise, more traditional units can be played like the royal skirmisher. After the 3 cost point, the deck ramp slows a little and can stay at 4 order for a while untill a vanguard or general is drawn, where it will hopefully ramp to six order. At six order, there are plenty of 3 cost cards, so a speed and 3 cost card combo should be easy to pull of. 

Instead of traditional pother and or reversal, I used flip because of it's effectiveness against structure energy and reliability. It also seemed like I had enough early cards to ignore needing a cantrip early game. This is part of the reason for not having a kabonk, the other being extra damage is now supplied by the eternal swords, and kabonk seemed too specific in it's use to be used reliably. Additionally, this left a slot open which allowed me to use both warder and pushback, instead of the traditional purify. Again, I prefer pushback because of it's reliability, and the warder added another 2 cost unit that could give early game a massive boost (protection for skirmishers, and backing for wings shields). 

Additionally, I replaced the wings captain with the knight scholar, because with rbp and flip her ability was not really necessary (plus she's getting nerfed next update anyways). 

54% Creatures (27) 6% Structures (3) 34% Spells (17) 6% Enchantments (3)
100% Order (50)