Somata Ogres/Uniques

9 years ago by Tywnis, for scrolls version: 2.0.0, with a Score of 11
Deck as image (WIP)
2 14 17 11 2 0 2 2 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
7 Iron Ogre x2
1 Elan Vital x2
2 Earthbond x3
2 Nog Nest x3
2 Untainted x3
3 Overgrown Menhir x2
3 Somata Shift x3
3 Stone Pact Memorial x2
4 Earthen Mirth x2
4 Oak Blood x3
4 Rat King x3
4 Seed of Insurgency x3
5 Quake x2
8 Jarl Urhald x1
2 Effigy of the Queen x2
2 Roasted Bean Potion x3
3 Metempsychosis x3
3 Shrine x2
3 Waking Stones x3
3 Warding Stone x2
8 Cay, Royal Envoy x1

Start off with Growth, and let the Order come at you with the memorials. 
As soon as possible, drop a big guy with Somata and keep it alive.  

Used to run some big Decay guys but it didn't work as well.

Curioust to see if it still works in 2.0 but very uncertain, i haven't played the game in a long long time. 


    Added another Metempsychosis, since it now preserves Countdown, it's a good buff. Hopefully the new set will bring some usefull cards for this deck.


      Solid deck Tywnis. I found out about it when someone completely Ockticked me, so I asked him for his deck info and he sent me here. :)


        I can understand the roasted bean potion, since it's true that the speed is rarely used at its most efficient way. Earthern testament wouldn't be worth it imo, but feel free to try :)


          Also, what's your thought on Earthern testament ?


            Awesome deck, tons of funs

            what i did :

            removed speed vs 2 roasted bean potion

            removed 1 effigy of the queen vs 1 roasted bean potion

            removed 2 totem mask for 2 metempsychosis


              I removed the speed from the deck and replaced with roasted bean, it has been working much better going that way.


                The Elan Vital usually helps keep the Waking Stones alive, but it's true that sadly they can't help the champions.

                I updated the deck:

                Added 3 Metempsychosis - Helps resummon the heros as-if. Cheap way to get original health

                Remove Totem Mask - Really not that useful


                  Looks solid and the Quakes should prove decent at helping you can some footing back. I found the Elan Vital's not worth it because Somata Shift sets their health to 2 so the regeneration doesn't really help. Might try this, but take out the Champions and only run Iron Ogres with Vengeance Veil + Faith Duty or Fleetness to bring their base countdown lower.

                  8% Creatures (4) 32% Structures (16) 28% Spells (14) 32% Enchantments (16)
                  4% Energy (2) 64% Growth (32) 32% Order (16)