Jack of all Order

8 years ago by DaOvalord, for scrolls version: 0.133.0, with a Score of 4
This deck is outdated
Deck as image (WIP)
6 20 12 9 3 0 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Blessing of Haste x3
1 Focus x3
2 Ducal Infantryman x3
2 Effigy of the Queen x3
2 Flip x2
2 Kabonk x3
2 Pother x3
2 Roasted Bean Potion x3
2 Wings Soldier x3
3 Eternal Sword x3
3 Royal Skirmisher x3
3 Warding Stone x3
3 Wings Shield x3
4 Ducal Skirmisher x3
4 Gallant Defender x3
4 Reloras, Lord Knight x3
5 Royal Vanguard x3

It got a bit of everything at your disposal. But general strategy is to get early board presence and snowball from there. It do not really aim to end early or late, it focus more on the board presence.


So how i play is i try get any 2 drop, then curve up to 4 or 5 resource, and pretty much stay there trying to get control of the board and use all my damage amplifiers and displacement scrolls to maintain control. The amount of cantrips allows me to slowly ramp up to around 7 resource so i can do more multiple things each turn, but after that it will fall off as you got no real late game cards. 

Warding Stone is great for specific situations and not so much in others, they are never really bad but can often be not what you need, so it aint out of question to switch them, i would suggest getting captain for the extra movement as the deck is heavy on soldiers, or scholar to keep that card draw power in there. Partisan is also a option but he aint to great in this deck as you will get a board presence rather fast and keep on reinforcing it.

Kabonk is also up for switch, it is quite useful but depending on meta so can something like purification or even pushback be more useful. 

Eternal sword works great in this meta, and it really helps to make sure your units start to snowball, but if meta change then i would recommend switching it. The meta it aint good against is MER heavy and Order heavy meta, as MER will often find ways to remove the sword, mostly by storm runner, and Order has many ways such as displacement scrolls and purification.

Effigy can also be a bit of a meta card, depending on how things change so can Wings Warder be more useful. Warder is better against Order and Standard Decay (not focused on poison), while Effigy is better against these decks that is more heavy on the magic damage side. Both are about as avarage against Growth.

48% Creatures (24) 12% Structures (6) 34% Spells (17) 6% Enchantments (3)
100% Order (50)